Zyto Scanner

Zyto_ScannerIf you have read my article on Bioresonance, you have started to see the power of combining science and nature, which utilizes exciting and innovative technologies. The science of Bioresonance is real and it does not stop there. I personally use a device called the Zyto Compass which measures detects problems within your body and through the help of a trained professional like me, a natural treatment program can be prescribed.

This is more than just a theory, it works and I am proof! Since beginning this treatment program my health has improved drastically. Below are the before and after readings from the Zyto Compass. As you can see there were real, measurable improvements.


Wendy Zyto Scan Results - Before and After

As you can see from my Zyto Compass scan above, there were real and measurable results when comparing the before and after. I can personally attest to feeling much better than I did before and having a much better overall feeling of well being. This feeling of well being is further enhanced by using my Mind, Body, Spirit methodology.

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