What is Bioresonance?

What is bioresonance you ask? I’ll be happy to answer. If you have ever seen Star Trek you have seen how whenever one of the characters has an ailment of any kind, from an infection to serious illness, the doctor always pulls out a scanner. The interesting thing is it does not have to touch the person with the illness, it scans the energy to determine what is wrong. Like most other technologies on Star Trek, these bio scanners that they use are based on scientific theory.

Since the show debuted in the late 1960’s more than 10 Star Trek technologies have come true, technologies such as replicators now exist (3D printing) and even the Holodeck 3D technology has been used to create a concert for thousands of people at Coachella. There are plenty more examples of Star Trek technology coming true according to this Mashable article.

The great news is Star Trek medicine is closer than we thought it was a few years ago. As I mentioned earlier, in Star Trek when someone was not feeling well the caregiver pulled out their scanner and scanned the energy frequencies their body was putting out. The theory – and truth – is that everything is Energy.  Every single thing. Even things that are dead now or have never even lived. How you ask? Everything is made out of atoms. Atoms all have moving parts, including protons, neutrons and electrons. All energy has a frequency.  Bacteria has a frequency, Viruses have a frequency, and so do healthy cells. Bioresonance not only can ‘scan’ the body, it can also fix it.

There is a device that I believe will become more and more popular in the coming years. It is called the Deta Elis. It is already becoming increasingly popular in Russia where it was created. Vladimir Putin uses it and so do many other high-level officials in Russia. It already can be used to scan for abnormalities and scientists are working to fine tune it to destroy Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Herpes, as the first targets. Many more breakthroughs will surely come in the way of Bioresonance and I plan on keeping you up to date with all updates. And as soon as I can I will be getting a Deta Elis for my clients, which I will use to do scans. I do already have a device that is a Bioresonance device, it is called the Zyto Compass. It works off of the same principals as the Deta Elis, and I have seen proven results. I offer scans with this device that will help you to learn of any areas of improvement that we can address. Check out this page on my website for more information.



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