Traditional Uses of Holiday Herbs

Christmas is the most beautiful time of year. There are so many great stories and so many great traditions such as using herbs and pine around the home. One of the stories that we all know is the story of the three wise men bringing baby Jesus Frankincense and Myrrh. And we all know the tradition of putting pine around the home. Let’s look into these traditions more, and the uses and benefits of the herbs.

FrankincenseThis is a resin that comes from a middle eastern tree. Frankincense has a sweet, piercing smell. It smells good and is often used as incense. It traditionally comes in chunks but today we can also get it in convenient Frankincense essential oils, where it can be used in aromatherapy by diffusing it into the air. You can also inhale the essential oil directly from the fingertips or bottle. Research has shown that smoke from burning frankincense contains a compound that is psychoactive, which relieves depression and anxiety. Another use of frankincense is help with common colds. You can put a few drops into boiling water and inhale the steam to help with colds, coughs or pneumonia.

MyrrhThis is a different resin that comes a tree in Africa. Myrrh has a heavy, earthy smell. It is used as an ingredient in Also in available in both chunks and conveniently in a Myrrh essential oil. It is an anti-inflamatory, is antifungal and antiseptic. It is used for fighting infections and can be used for respiratory problems just like Frankincense.


Pine needle. Green BakgroundChristmas almost seems like it would not be the same without pine. Pine is prevalent in many Christmas decorations, including Christmas trees, wreaths and garland. Pine has a nice, sweet smell. It can be used as an expectorant and decongestant for colds. It is also available as a Pine essential oil, making it convenient to use in aromatherapy.

Using any of the above essential oils in a diffuser is a great way to get the above mentioned benefits. This will also help your home to smell like Christmas is in the air, sure to get you in the holiday spirit! I hope you found this information useful.



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