Tips to Overcome Empty Nest Syndrome

When life changes and your last child leaves the house it can be quite a shock for the system, the life you had become so used to suddenly has changed. It’s amazing how it can hit you like a ton of bricks. All of the to-do lists, celebrations, get-togethers you helped arrange for your offspring, loads of laundry and many other tasks kept your energy focused and kept you busy. Now there seems to be a void in your life.

Does this situation sound familiar? Waving goodbye to your last child, and thinking that you have a big void in your life? It happens to many people! How you deal with it is up to you, so the question is: How can you put your life back together and learn to cope with the stress of empty nest syndrome? Ignoring the problem is certainly not the answer. Use these solutions below to get your life back on track.

Tip #1: You can either choose crisis or rebirth – choose the latter. This time in your life can either become a time of crisis in your life or a time of rebirth. If you have always wanted to accomplish something – anything – or several things – now you have more time than before to do it! Don’t squander it. Moving forward with your goals and dreams will help you feel better – no matter how small the steps are, they are progress. Plus keeping busy will keep you occupied. Think about it. Would you rather sit there and think about it or would you rather stay busy and have your mind off of it? I think most people would choose to stay busy.

Tip #2: Use this as an opportunity to grow yourself. If there are things that you have wanted to change about yourself now is an opportunity to do what you have wanted. If you have wanted to read more to learn more, now you can. If you have wanted to exercise to get in better shape, now you can. If you are married and have wanted to grow your your relationship, now you can. And if you are single and want to find a new romantic partner, now you can. The choice of what to do with this added time is up to you!

Tip #3: Don’t just sit at home alone all the time. You want to know how to be miserable with empty nest syndrome? Sitting at home alone all the time with nothing to do, but just remember it does not have to be this way. Hang out with old friends or  make new friends. Join a class to be around people. Paint, take walks. And most importantly stay in touch with your children even after they move out, just talking to them once or twice a week can help you immensely during this transition period.

Tip #4: Pray if you are spiritual. If you believe in God(s), pray to your God(s). There is a saying that a lot of people believe in – you only get what you ask for. Ask for help in this transition period any time you need it, it can only help.

Just remember, like all of the other difficult times in your life before, this too shall pass; and like with most most difficult circumstances that you face there are things that you can do that can help you during these rough times. I hope that these tips help you!


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