Three Key Benefits of Meditation

If you have never meditated before you may be thinking “What is all the fuss about? You just sit there and do nothing right? I do that everyday when I am watching TV.”

But meditation is far more than sitting there quietly. If you have ever had trouble sleeping at night, you know that although you are laying there quietly your mind can sometimes be a whirlwind of  activity, and you are unable to stop the internal noise and dialog. THIS is what meditation is all about, controlling your mind. Meditation allows you to become a detached observer of your thoughts and helps you to slow down your thoughts. This helps you to find true peace and quiet in the mind – where you often have no quiet.

What Meditation Is Not
Many people think that meditation is a type of religious practice. While sometimes it is (such as with Buddhist monks), it isn’t always religious and is often completely separate from religion. I am a Christian, I meditate and many Christians meditate. It seems that the reason some think that meditation is a practice of religion is because of the fact that many people in the middle east and other parts of the world practice meditation – who are often of different religions. Don’t let this fool you and stop you from the many benefits of meditating.

Here are three benefits to meditating just a few minutes a day.

You will respond mindfully – instead of reacting mindlessly.
Have you ever flown off the handle, and wished you would have thought about what to say or do when something did not go as planned? I think we all have! Meditation will help prevent this in the future because meditation trains you how to put space between your thoughts, this means that you will be able to train yourself to put space between what happens and your reaction to it.

You will do less obsessive thinking.
By “exercising” your mind through meditation you become more of a master of your thoughts and your mind. This means that you will have less of the nights when you are laying in bed unable to stop thinking, because you have strenghtneded your mind. You will also be able to stop obsessing over things early in the day.

You will have more success in pursuing your dreams.
By doing mindful meditation you are able to observe your thoughts, which allows you to not only know yourself better, but also to shape your thoughts and eliminate undesirable thoughts over time. Sometimes we have thoughts within us but do not know it until we listen for those thoughts. Meditation also give you clarity which can help you define the next best steps for you life, and I do not know of anything better than that.

I hope you found this helpful! In the future I will do blogs on how to meditate, for beginners. I promise it is super easy, probabbly easier than you think!

To your health!

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