Self Image Matters: Getting a Flat Stomach Without Exercising

Most women want to look like a runway model, with a curvy body and flat stomach. Most men want to look like the Marlboro Man, with bulging arms and six-pack abs. How to get a flat stomach without exercise is the kind of workout everyone seeks. It bolsters their self-image, while attracting people to them. The good news is that belly fat can be eliminated with a few common sense moves, although a day in the gym is good for the health and the soul. So sit up straight, tuck in that tummy and read more about getting a flatter belly.

  1. Stand Erect. Experts say that standing with the back straight and the shoulders back takes five pounds off the middle. For those who don’t do this regularly, know that it takes 28 days to form a habit. Standing straight is a simple matter of doing Pilates, which strengthens the core muscles.
  2. Kick Stress to the Curb. Stress stimulates the release of cortisol in the brain, which is the fight-or-flight hormone. Once upon a time, cortisol kept early humans from being eaten by a bear. Today, it just triggers the storing of fat in the fat cells. Practicing mindfulness will help kick stress to the curb.
  3. Snack on Whole Grains and Probiotics. Whole grains stimulate the hormone insulin to use the fat stored in the belly. Probiotics are the “good” bacteria in the intestines that keep the belly from bloating. Yogurt is an excellent source of probiotics, while whole grain crackers, oatmeal and popcorn are good examples of whole grains. Cutting out sodas and juices also help fight bloating. Additionally, avoid salt and high-sodium foods, as these retain water, further accenting a bloated belly.
  4. Don’t Say “Yuck!” to Apple Cider Vinegar. Studies have shown that adding one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a suitable beverage (water works well) melts belly fat. The active ingredient that gives apple cider vinegar its bite has been shown to reduce weight, BMI, and visceral fat than control groups that used none.
  5. Wear more flattering clothing. How to get a flat stomach without exercise is as simple as noticing certain materials and the patterns thereon. They may help in camouflaging a belly problem. For instance, wearing spandex, Lycra and other stretchy materials just enhance the belly instead of hiding it. Opt for lighter materials like linen and cotton or a light wool. Wrap the waist in a wide leather belt. It’s soft material will give, and the ratio between bosom and hips will be the focus, instead of belly fat. Wearing certain patterns also helps to soften a belly problem, such as wearing a floral top with a solid color pant or skirt.
  6. Snooze Longer. Getting a good night’s restful sleep is key to controlling a belly problem. Studies have shown the direct relationship between lack of quality restful sleep, the hormone cortisol and weight gain. Sluggishly going through a day following lack of restful sleep stimulates cortisol. There is also a relationship between cortisol and abdominal fat. People tend to eat the wrong foods hoping for a burst of energy. The only burst there will be, though, is a burst of abdominal fat. A good night’s sleep will eliminate all that.

How to get a flat stomach without exercise is everyone’s dream. With a little common sense and the right clothing, foods and drinks, improving your self-image can be accomplished. Use natural products. Bioresonance will put infections out of business for good, and not using antibiotics, either. Frequency is the keyword here, and it will heal the body. I am the proof of that! Come to see me and we’ll get started.