The Law of Attraction in Quantum Physics & Reverse Causality

The ceremony was beautiful. The clouds above threatened to rain in the private garden courtyard decorated with flowers in pale pink, burgundy red, and shades of green. Rain on your wedding day is good luck, they say, but the few drops held off as the couple wed in marriage. Reading much of the script in English and Spanish, the bride and the groom accepted each other into their dear families, and pledged their ever-living and eternal love for one another. It was heartfelt, touching, and clearly special.

The law of attraction states, in layman’s terms, that energy is like a magnet that attracts other similar energy; in essence making the manifestation of all your dreams possible. By re-framing thoughts, practicing mindfulness, and focusing your mind on the success of your goals, this energy you put out into the universe comes back. Reverse causality, a quantum physics concept, suggests grand theories about the space-time continuum. To illustrate the law of attraction and reverse causality further the narrative example of the wedding story will be continued.

Have you ever encountered a situation in life that seems to be a coincidence but begs you the question: could this all be a part of something grander? Something predestined and divine that your instincts say these things happened for a reason? You are not alone. Here is a concrete and enthralling example of reverse causality in the form of a quote of the bride’s father. Mr. Rosenberg, upon making his speech at his youngest daughter’s wedding:

‘First, I want to thank you all for being here for this wonderful and absolutely joyous occasion. Some of you have traveled from a far ways to be here with us and we appreciate it. Today we have a chance to join our families with the marriage of our daughter Rachel and our new son Edgar Diaz.

What you do know is that Edgar’s family is from Ecuador. We were actually live-streaming the ceremony for the family that could not be here today for them to witness from home. What you probably don’t know is that I have always had an unexplainable fascination with Ecuador. There is actually a term in quantum physics called Reverse Causality, and it draws connections between past and future events, somewhere along the way transporting information across the space-time continuum that makes these things more than coincidences.

I did a big report on Ecuador in high school, and at the time thought my inclination was just another piece of me that didn’t mean much. But here I stand today, joining my family with another wonderful family from Ecuador that has been so kind and generous and accepting. We could not be happier with the Diaz family and give our best wishes to the bride and groom…’

The concept of reverse causality begs us to redefine our sense of time. You will encounter times in life where you are drawn to certain energy forces over and over, good or bad, and it begs us to analyze the patterns we see in our lives. Could is just be coincidence that a life-long affinity for a place, object, or action presents itself to us over and over? Just like the blood and work of our long gone ancestors flows in our veins forward in time with prior generations affecting the heredity and inclinations of future generations, could future events affect events in the past, like suggested by reverse causality? This calls into the question of fate.

The law of attraction states that we are all able to attract energy into our lives with the power of our minds by practicing awareness, introspection, and altering our thoughts to manifest a better life. The bride’s father would never have known that his future daughter would join their family with an Ecuadorian one, but it all still seems to fit into a neat little puzzle: a hodgepodge or collage of all the little pieces that add up to create the whole of our lives. Whether we believe there is a connection between the two or not, we all sense when a coincidence is actually meant to be.

To use the law of attraction to your favor take care of the basics of health, including your mind-body connection. Remaining positive and full of hope will always draw forces of caring and kindness to you. Any working plan or goal starts with an intention. Focus on what it is you want in life, then look for ways to obtain them. Positive thinking, re-framing negative thoughts, and living in the moment in a mindful way will all attract the best energy to you. Whether you believe in fate or not, physical laws state that energy flows, and energy attracts other energy. Be mindful of what you attract by focusing on your dreams and goals, the rest will all fall into place.