Harmony of the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Body, mind, and spirit, these are the essential elements of human beings. Intrinsically connected, if one of these puzzle pieces is out of sorts, the other two are affected. For instance, if the body becomes diseased or injured, this affects the mind by causing pain and worry, which in turn afflicts the spirit with fear and distraction. This vicious circle can turn in upon itself in a downward spiral, until all peace and harmony is lost.

Conversely, when body mind and spirit are working together in harmony, you achieve the opposite effect. By making a concerted effort, and living mindfully, you can raise yourself to this higher plane. Here’s how:

    1. Body –You only have one body, don’t take your health for granted. To the best of your ability, exercise, eat well, and get enough sleep.
    2. Mind – Reduce stress – avoid situations and people that cause your blood pressure to rise. If that’s not possible, adopt practices to offset the effects of stress – Yoga, physical exercise, an inspiration book, listen to calming music, or take up an enjoyable or soothing hobby such as gardening or taking care of plants.
    3. Spirit or Soul – Fill your life with uplifting and positive experiences. Do things that make you happy, share, serve others, and go to church, pray or meditate. Finally, smile and learn to count your blessings.

When all of the essential elements – the mind, body and spirit – are working together in harmony you can achieve a state of peace and well being which enhances your life and allow you to make the most of your days.


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