Getting Motivated to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

The only way to overcome daily fear and anxiety is to prove your fears wrong. For most people who suffer from anxiety, it’s because they have an overcharged sense of danger when faced with everyday situations. The human mind is constantly running ‘risk vs reward’ assessments to decide what is worth doing and what is better left undone, but this is based on experience! When you’ve succeeded at something, you are more likely to see new opportunities for that activity as rewarding instead of risky. Therefore, if you want to conquer a fear of public speaking, you should start by telling your friends a few jokes There are dozens of ways to overcome your fear and anxiety, and you can start right away. Here are a few easy methods to build your confidence and help you leave that fear behind.

1. Wear Exciting Socks

If you’re afraid of looking silly at work, try wearing decorative and exciting socks. With most business attire, the socks are mostly invisible, but you’ll know they’re there. By daring yourself to this one act of of defying conformity, you have done critical damage to your wall of internal anxiety. During the first day of rebellious sock wearing, you may find yourself worrying if anyone will see and admonish the socks, but chances are the first person to notice will laugh and think it’s cool. Make exciting socks your thing and, if you want to, start adding to your unique look with other small business-acceptable details. A decorative belt buckle, cufflinks, or jewelry are also fun but understated ways to show a little flare. This may sound like sheer vanity, but when you spend time defining your style and people respond positively to it, it breaks down your anxiety about being accepted as yourself.

2. Change Your Hair

It doesn’t have to be much, you don’t have to cut it, but do something new with your hair. Depending on the length and your normal style, you can part it on the other side, pull it up or leave it down, gel it into a new shape or braid it in an unusual way. While doing this, think about the person you want to be. Like the Star Trek alter-ego goatee, turn the new hairstyle into a representation of your inner brave self, then go out into the world knowing that you’re trying something new today. Even if confidence feels a little unfamiliar, the only way to be confident is to take confident actions. People who don’t know you will have no idea that this style is new to you, and you can show them your best side, building positive feedback for your risk vs reward assessments. Depending on how subtle your change was, friends and family may ask you if there’s anything different about you today or exclaim with delight at your new style and this too will build your confidence further by providing positive reinforcement for your new bold approach.

3. Play a Game

Sometimes anxiety can come from obsessively thinking about what could go wrong in any situation. Especially for people with overactive and worry-prone thoughts, it can be useful to distract yourself while trying to do things that typically make you nervous. A great way to do this is to play a game with yourself during the day that will keep your mind a little bit occupied. Try deciding each morning to count all the things you see of a particular color, or a particular kind of object, like all yellow things or every pencil. Looking for these objects will take up the part of your brain that’s usually looking for things to worry about. If it helps, give yourself points for every item you see and try not to count the same item twice in a row.

4. Dare Yourself

It’s a well-known fact that some people are highly motivated by dares, and you could be one of them! Even if you normally struggle with fear and anxiety, you might still be susceptible to the double-dog dare. The next time you’re about to psych yourself out of doing something, dare yourself. Really sit yourself down (in your mind) and tell yourself not back down from things you really want. Whether it’s jumping into a pool in your clothes or just going out for dinner with a few co-workers after a shared shift, daring yourself can be a surprisingly effective tactic. Just hold yourself to your own standards of bravery and you’ll naturally find yourself being braver and leaving those anxious thoughts behind.

There’s no need to suffer one more day under the control of your fear and anxiety. Make the change today by choosing to do something daring. With one brave act at a time, you’ll soon find that you’ve stopped being fearful and have become the person you’ve always wanted to be: a confident you.