How to Gain the Motivation to Achieve All Your Goals

Summer fun is ending and people are beginning to think about the start of the school year. It is a common time of year to set new goals. Goal setting is the easy part though. Many goals are quickly abandoned once people realize what has to be put in to achieve them. It seems insurmountable to be able to achieve goals and overcome challenges. Stopping to think about the ways you optimize your chances of success in achieving your goals is essential.

  • Visualize your achievement. Oftentimes when we begin to think about our goals we are too quick to look at all the steps it will take to achieve them. It is important to keep in the forefront of your mind the reasons you have for your goal. Maybe you want to live a healthier lifestyle or reduce your stress. Think about all the benefits that will bring you. You will have a more carefree life with less pain. If you can not think of reasons why you want to achieve your goal you should reconsider.
  • Set realistic goals with time limits. When you are striving for self-improvement it is easy to feel overwhelmed. This is why you should set goals that you believe you can achieve. It is impossible to fix every habit or change every bad behavior that you have overnight. Adding a time limit to goals when possible is also a smart idea. It will give you a time frame so you will not procrastinate and you can accomplish your goals sooner.
  • Break up your goal into sub-goals. Many times people have a broad goal that they want to accomplish. Something like, I want to eat healthier. There is power in transforming the goal into small steps. For eating healthier that might include looking up information on healthy eating and healthy recipes, planning a shopping list and making a trip to the grocery store. When you break up your goal into sub-goals you will be able to see what you need to do to accomplish the goal but you will also gain a sense of accomplishment with each sub-goal you achieve.
  • Consider your obstacles ahead of time. Everything worth achieving in life is not easy. When you are just starting with your goal things might seem like smooth-sailing. However, inevitably you will run into a problem. It is important to think about what this issue would look like for you. Maybe you have a tendency to put things off or you are anxious about starting something new. Think about the ways you have been able to beat your obstacle before.
  • Document your progress. Feel free to consider your progress with each milestone that you pass. Let yourself share the good news with others, pamper yourself or reward yourself in any way you know how.
  • Decide when to start a new goal. Taking on multiple goals at once can be overwhelming. However, you will get to a point when you have accomplished your original goal. Once this happens you should consider if you want to achieve more in the same domain or start again somewhere new. Once you have progressed in an area it would be easy to add additional goals. Before you do that though, think about if it means more to you to progress with a different goal in a different area.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you plan to start conquering a goal. You will face challenges but you will be able to overcome them. Make sure to keep an eye on our blog to see frequent posts about goal setting and a variety of things you can add to you life to improve your well-being.