Benefits of Healthy Eating

Having the right balance of vitamins and other nutrients helps your body and mind perform at their best. It also helps you to feel your best and increases your energy. In addition it increases your tolerance to stress. And healthy food does not have to be bland! Take a look at the food on the left and some of my other recipes that I’ll share here on my blog!

Healthy eating will help prevent major health issues such as:

– Heart disease
– High blood pressure
– Type 2 diabetes
– Some forms of cancer

Eating healthy can often be a challenge in our busy lifestyles but it’s worth it in the end. Here are some tips to finding better eating habits:

  • Don’t try to change your diet all at once – pick habits you can manage to change right where you are and create a new habit
  • Set manageable goals that you can obtain. For instance, cut out soda week one and replace your lunch with a salad the next.
  • Create long-term goals that build upon your short time goals.
  • Find support from friends and family.
  • Their encouragement will help keep you accountable and supported as you change your lifestyle.
  • Keep your plan in perspective and don’t give up if you find yourself relapsing. Cut yourself some slack and pick back where you left off the following day.

I hope you found this helpful!



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