Accomplish Any Goal

stocksnap_lojd881ex1-smallIt was in 1801 that Beethoven started to lose his hearing. Beethoven – a man who had been groomed for music excellence from a very young age – was losing the one thing he needed to become excellent, his hearing. Yet despite the death of his mom and decline of his father, deliberating illnesses, loss of hearing, a mental disorder, and the loss of several loves, Beethoven’s symphonies are still revered as some of the most influential and excellent symphonies of all time.

Even today you’ll often find that those that rise the highest have faced tremendous disadvantages. Today we see Jim Carey as a light-hearted funny man but we don’t see that at 12 his father lost his job and the family was forced to live in a van. We don’t see that Jim had to work an 8 hour shifts after school to help support his family. We only see the funny man he has become today. How could one find anything to laugh about with an upbringing such as that? And yet he is paid handsomely for doing just that.
The list goes on, Richard Branson, one of the richest men alive, was dyslexic growing up and struggled in school and yet he started a magazine and is one of the most powerful businessmen alive today.

Oprah was raised dirt poor, overcame abuse, and the loss of an infant child. Yet today she is a media mogul that has so much money she’s been known to give lavish gifts to her audiences.

As a health coach, I’ve sought to understand what drives people to obtain their goals and I’ve often found that it’s not the ordinary people with ordinary lives and no obstacles that excel. It’s the down-and-outers – the ones that have every reason to give up and throw in the towel that often reach their highest potential. As Sir Isaac Newton claimed, for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. Often, those who suffered the most from life are the same ones who rise the highest, mostly because they have mastered the art of taking energy and momentum from the obstacles they face. I call it The Catapult Effect – because you are utilizing the resistance holding you back to catapult you to new heights. So how can one withstand the pressure?

In analyzing this thought, I believe I’ve found the answer. We’re all born with an incredible asset that no one can steal, destroy, or deny us. This asset is beyond powerful and can overcome any earthly limitation set before us. This asset isn’t our insanely good looks, witty personality or even our complex brain, as even that can betray us. Our most valuable tool is our spirit. And it’s those moments in life where one is completely void of their natural ability to overcome, that the spirit takes over. Perhaps this is what…


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