3 Simple Tips to Reduce Holiday Sugar

I love this time of year! Joy is in the air, spirits are bright and there is a great ‘feeling’ when you are out in public, especially while shopping. I absolutely love the holidays. But I also know that I have to be careful when it comes to what I eat. Sugar is easy to over-indulge on during the holiday season, because it is everywhere. It is out at the office in candy jars and all over the place at holiday parties, in cookies and other delicious treats. The fact that sweet treats are everywhere is the problem for those of us who are in the process of slimming down or watching our weight. It is even a bigger problem for those with sugar issues such as diabetes.

Diabetes is a growing epidemic. And if you do not have it now, it does not mean that you are in the clear to over-indulge, you can develop it at any time in your life. Most people already know this but most also do not think about it until they get the dreaded news that they now have diabetes. If you do not have diabetes you may think “oh that is where you have to inject insulin and check your blook sugar all the time…” But it is much more serious than that. Diabetes is the seventh-leading cause of death in the United States and is affecting an increasingly large portion of the population. Diabetes affects nearly 24 million people in the United States, nearly 8% of the population! Yet another reason to watch your sugar intake around the holidays!

Here are some tips below that I hope you find helpful for lowering sugar intake around the holidays. Notice I said lower, not eliminate. The holidays are meant to be fun and a time for celebration. I don’t want you to elimante the good times and little treats, what fun is that?

Moderation is key, and a simple trick. What is your favorite holiday treat? If it is cookies, for example, select a modest portion and slowly eat them, savoring the texture and taste. Once you are finished with that portion move on to something else, whether it is talking with people eating more healthy snacks. Many people make the mistake of just eating handful after handful of their favorite sugary food, this is the easiest way to over do it!

Alternate between healthy and less health snacks. If you eat some foods from the vegetable tray you will not be as hungry and you will therefore eat less of the ‘unhealthy’ snacks. Makes sense, right? And it is very easy to do!

Don’t just ‘give in’ and ‘let yourself go’ and start eating badly all day or evening, thinking to yourself “Well it’s too late now.” It’s never too late! If you slip up, just stop once you realize it, and move forward – the healthy way. It’s just as easy to eat healthy food as it is unhealthy food, plus it is a lot easier to work off the minimal calories from three pieces of broccoli versus three brownies in the gym.

I hope you found these tips helpful!


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